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Трагикомедийная Иконография Мастера Роли. stable diffusion

Трагикомедийная Иконография Мастера Роли - Пример изображения из нейросети stable diffusion

✏️ Prompt: A talented actor, full plan, shot from above, 28 years old, of medium height and athletic build, with brown hair and deep ocean-colored eyes, an oval face with masculine features. He is dressed in a stylish black suit with a white shirt and an impeccable tie, giving him elegance and charm. He is in an abandoned theater, on a lighted stage surrounded by darkness and dust. He holds a mask of tragedy in one hand and a mask of comedy in the other, symbolizing his versatility and versatility of acting. He performs unusual and emotional movements, moving from laughter to sadness, from rage to tenderness, immersing himself in different roles and cha...
🎭 Styles: No style
🧩 Model: SDXL Protovision 💠
🔧 Sampler: UniPC
🧩 Нейросеть: stable diffusion
Данный рисунок сгенерирован при помощи ИИ: Yes Ai Bot
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Краткое описание: Карикатура актера, изображенная из нейросети, который позирует на просветленной сцене abandoned театра, окруженной темнотой и пылью. Он wears a stylish black suit with white shirt and impeccable tie, holding masks of tragedy and comedy, symbolizing his versatility as an actor. He performs unusual gestures, switching between laughter, sadness, anger and tenderness.
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