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Registration Terms

Forum Rules

## 1. General Rules

1.1. **Respect and Courtesy**: Participants must communicate with each other respectfully. Insults, threats, humiliation and aggressive behavior are not allowed.

1.2. **Prohibition on Spam**: Posting spam, advertising and content not related to the topic of the forum is prohibited.

1.3. **Confidentiality**: Publication of personal information without the consent of the owner is prohibited.

1.4. **Legal Responsibilities**: Participants are required to comply with laws and regulations. Any discussions and actions that violate the law are prohibited.

## 2. Content and Messages

2.1. **Quality of Content**: Posts should be informative, relevant and constructive. Avoid misinformation and unverified data.

2.2. **Prohibition of Profanity**: The use of obscene language is strictly prohibited.

2.3. **Plagiarism and Copyright**: Respect copyright. It is prohibited to post other people's content without indicating the source or permission of the author.

2.4. **Flood and Offtopic**: Avoid flood (many similar messages) and discussions that are not related to the topic of the thread.

2.5 **Advertising**: Explicit advertising of services is prohibited. Only posting useful information about services is allowed on the forum.

## 3. User Profiles

3.1. **Avatars and Captions**: Choose avatars and captions that do not contain offensive or provocative images or text.

3.2. **Multiple Registration**: It is prohibited to create multiple accounts by one user without the permission of the administration.

## 4. Moderation and Complaints

4.1. **Moderators**: Moderators enforce the rules and have the right to delete or edit posts that violate the rules.

4.2. **Complaints**: If you notice a violation of the rules, please report it to the moderators using the tools specially provided for this.

4.3. **Appealing Decisions**: If you do not agree with the actions of the moderators, you can file an appeal by contacting the forum administration.

## 5. Final Provisions

5.1. **Changes to Rules**: The administration reserves the right to change the rules of the forum. Participants will be notified of changes.

5.2. **Sanctions**: Violations of the rules may result in warnings, temporary suspension, or permanent account deletion.

5.3. **Responsibility**: The administration is not responsible for the content of participants’ messages, but undertakes to take measures to remove them in case of violation of the rules.

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