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© Diluted-Sashko
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Gigantic, ravenous flower. A desolate alien landscape, with a massive, crimson-colored bloom dominating the horizon, its petals stretching towards the sky like grasping fingers. The air is thick with an otherworldly scent, drawing in curious creatures from afar. In the distance, strange, glowing orbs hover, casting an eerie light on the barren terrain. - A digital painting of this scene would require a mix of warm and cool colors to capture the flower's fiery hue and the desolate environment, with intricate details to bring out the texture of the petals and the strange, pulsing orbs. Art, cgi, 1024k

🎭 Styles: No style
🧩 Model: 🔮 DALLE-3 [Multi-image]




© Diluted-Sashko

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Описание: гигантская,voracious цветок доминирует пустынной alien ландшафте, его лепестки простирются к небу, как схватившие пальцы. Воздух наполнен странной, не земной смесью, DRAWING в интересующиеся создания издалека. Вдали hover strange, glowing spheres, casting eerie light on the barren terrain.
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