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Kandinsky examples of prompts

Here you can post generation of images made in the Kandinsky neural network.

In this section you will find everything you need to understand and use the Kandinsky neural network, which is capable of turning text descriptions (prompts) into unique visual works of art.

This section contains free products for the Kandinsky neural network.

What is a Kandinsky neural network?
The Kandinsky neural network is a powerful tool designed to generate images based on text queries. Inspired by the work of famous artist Wassily Kandinsky, this neural network allows each user to become an artist of sorts, creating visual masterpieces using simple descriptions.

What will you find in this section?

  •  Share your creations and look at the work of other forum members.
  • Get feedback and tips to improve your images.
  • Participate in competitions and challenges to showcase your skills and creativity.

Section rules:

  1. Publish only images created using the Kandinsky neural network.
  2. Indicate relevant names for published generations (the name should reflect the essence).
  3. Publish the generations indicating the settings and procedures by which they were made.

96 images

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